New features and improvements added in v4.1 of JobSite Professional

Change the template colors directly from the administration panel

This new functionality allows to change the website colors with a single click from the administration panel, so the administrator can choose easily the colors or make them match his logo or corporate identity. It's also possible now to set a custom accent color, by entering a color code, set a background image and upload a website logo from the administration panel.
change skins set custom accent colors jobs portal

job php edit language file

New functionality to edit the language file from the administration panel

Based on our customers feedback, in this new version we added the possibility to modify the language file directly from the administration panel. This feature can be useful to make quick changes in the texts and messages shown to the users on the main website or the users administration panels.

New functionality to change the logo from the administration panel

A new functionality allowing to quickly change the main website logo from the administration panel while still keeping the possibility to set the logo in the /images folder (the method used prior to version 4).
change logo php software for jobs

php job software google adsense google analytics

Google AdSense and Analytics configuration options

To make easier adding Google AdSense advertisements and Google Analytics tracking code, we added a new page in the administration panel and the Templates tab allowing to simply paste the code for them in separate text areas (the alternative method, for pasting there code directly in the template is still available if an user may prefer it instead or has his site already configured like that using the previous versions).

More fields for the job seeker profiles

New default fields were added to the job seeker's profile information like "availability" (allowing the job seeker to set his availability to start a new job like for example - immediately or after 1 month etc.), experience and others.
experience availability fields job site php script

direct payments option job site php script

New direct payments option to charge the employers

Except of the 2 previous methods for charging the employers based on subscriptions (allowing the administrator to charge recurring fees and let the users list up to some number of jobs) and based on credits (allowing the users to purchase credits and then spend them to pay for the different website services), we added a new 3rd method called Direct Payments. With this option enabled when adding for example a new job, at the final step the user is directly redirected to for example the PayPal website to make his payment.

Easier configuration of the Connect with Us section

We made the configuration of the Connect with Us section on the website easier by adding the social network page urls like new separate fields on the Configuration Options page in the admin panel.
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twitter linkedin log in php script jobs

New Log In Page

The new Log In page takes the whole space of the main content website area and adds below the buttons to log in directly with the social network accounts. Except the Facebook log in, we added now also the possibility to log in with the Twitter or LinkedIn account.

Latest new features added in v4.0 of JobSite Professional

php script Integration wtih SimplyHired and CareerJet and mixing feeds

Integration with SimplyHired, Indeed and CareerJet and new functionality to mix the different job feeds

Except, the new version has now integration also with 2 other major job aggregators - SimplyHired and CareerJet. The administrator can choose the feeds to be used and also to mix the different feeds (by selecting the weight of the different aggregators) in order to create unique job result lists.

A new administration panel

The new administration panel has a mobile friendly / responsive design, better structure to make the navigation easier, uses AJAX technology for faster pages loading and has many other improvements.

Please visit our Online Demos page to find a demo fo the admin panel and front site demos.
php script An entirely new administration panel

php script New responsive templates

New responsive templates

We added new responsive and mobile friendly templates. Please visit our Demos page to find online demos and examples.

php script New courses functionality

New courses functionality

The new functionality to post courses allows the companies to post courses and the job seekers to browse and search for them on the new Courses section of the front site.

Job application questionnaires

This new functionality allows the employers to add questionnaires with questions for the job seekers to answer when applying for a job (the employer can review the answers given by the job seeker when reviewing the applications).
php script Job application questionnaires

php script Recruiters directory

Recruiters directory

New functionality to browse and search the recruiting companies with their jobs on the website

New functionality to charge the users

New features to charge the users have been added, so now the administrator can choose if to charge the employers based on subscriptions (with recurring monthly payments) or based on credits (the users buy credits and then spend them to pay for the different services offered on the website).
php script New functionality to charge the users

php script New layout of the job results and job details

New layout of the job results and job details

Improved banners functionality

Creating banner areas is now easier for the administrator and it's not necessary to insert a tag anymore in the template (which some of our customers found difficult in the previous version).
php script Improved banners functionality

php script Easier website configuration

Easier website configuration

Now with better organized configuration options page and more options for the administrator to customize the website for a specific country or industry.

Improved and more user-friendly admin panels for the jobseekers and employers

The new user admin panels are mobile friendly and allow the users to access quickly the most frequently used pages in their admin panels. The users have also the ability to create shortcuts to the pages they user more often by dragging items from the menu over the shortcuts area on the dashboard.
php script Improved and more user-friendly admin panels for the jobseekers and employers

php script Rate and write reviews for the recruting companies

Rate and write reviews for the recruting companies

This new functionality allows the users to write reviews and rate the recruiting companies on the website.

Mobile apps

Currently with an Android application available and iOS and Windows Mobile ones coming soon (mobile applications are available on request and can be customized with your colors, logo and information).

Check a sample Android application
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