Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide the source codes? Are they encrypted?

Yes, we provide the source codes - not encrypted. This means that you or developers working for you could make modifications in them or add additional functionality if necessary.


Can you do the installation on my server / hosting package and how much does it cost?

Yes, we can do the installation on your server or hosting package and this is a free service that we offer. To request your free installation, please contact us before or after you have purchased the software. In order to do the installation for you, we'll need the ftp+mysql information for your website or if you have a hosting package control panel like CPanel or similar and is easier for you, you could send us instead the username and password for it.


Is your price one time fee, are there any monthly or other fees?

The listed price is one-time fee, so once paid you could use the software for as many years as you wish without paying any other fees. The price includes also the not encrypted source codes, free installation on your host (if you prefer that we do it for you) and free technical support.


Can I do the installation myself? Is the installation difficult?

Yes, you can do the installation yourself and this is actually what most of our customers prefer. The software comes with an integrated setup wizard, which makes the installation easy - you only need to upload the files on your hosting package and run the setup wizard, which will create the database and configuration file for you.


If I choose you to do the installation for me, how fast you can do it?

We always make efforts to do the installation as fast as possible and it's usually done within 1-2 hours after the purchase. In some rare cases this may take longer, please don't hesitate to contact us for details and more information.


What kind of payment options you accept for the software?

Our most used payment options include online payment with credit card or PayPal. But except of credit card and PayPal payments, we could also accept other payment options like most of the virtual currencies, Bitcoin, wire transfer and others. If you would like to pay with some specific payment option currently not listed on our website, please don't hesitate to contact us for details.


Is the software multi language? Can I translate it to my own language?

Yes, it's multi language and using a language file. The language file is a text file (it can be edited with whatever text editor) having all the words and phrases showing up on the user interface. So in order to add a new translation, it's necessary to translate this language file. We also have ready translations available, please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know the language you may be interested in and we'll get back to you after that with more information for it.


What are the script requirements? Are there any requirements for the PHP or MySQL version?

Since the script is written in PHP and using a MySQL database, in order to run it on your server or hosting package, you need to have PHP and MySQL installed on it. There are no specific requirements for the versions, but for both we recommend version 5 or newer. In order to use the SEO urls feature (it's a configuration option in the admin panel) you need to have also mod_rewrite enabled for your hosting package. Today it's alsmost impossible to find a Linux shared hosting package not supporting PHP, MySQL and mod_rewrite, but if you have any doubts if your current hosting package have these, please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll test it asap for you.


Do you provide technical support in other languages except English?

Yes, our technical support team can be also contacted in Spanish and French languages. Please note that depending on the hour of day, our phone support could be limited to only the English language (the other languages are always supported for our email and ticket system supports ).


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